Kingsholm Rocks!

Kingsholm Rocks! was inspired by the Portishead Python.

I have family who live in Portishead and when we can visit we usually take a walk to the nature reserve and on to the marina where the Portishead Python lives.

Our children love visiting the python, looking at rocks, spotting new ones and choosing new favourites. For us adults we find the creativity and messages of positivity and hope really uplifting.

A while back we created our own rocks to add to the python. At a time when we are unable to meet up with others its a small thing that helps to make you feel connected and part of a larger community.

With the festival of love arriving at the beginning of half term and during another lockdown when many children are not attending school I thought it was the perfect time to start Kingsholm Rocks!

My thought was to create a path of rocks decorated by children and families in the park at the centre of Kingsholm. It’s something inexpensive and fun to do for all ages. My hope was that children could leave rocks for the class friends they don’t get to see at the moment and that messages of hope, encouragement and creativity would lift the spirits of anyone walking past them.

The original Kingsholm Heart Rock had a pretty bumpy first few days until more rocks started to appear. Even this inauspicious start brought the community together as people messaged each other and posted on our community Facebook page about the rocks whereabouts.

A bit like the current situation our path of positivity is growing day by day. It’s great to see that like our community how diverse the rocks are.

I’ve just started another project for our community and I’m hoping that this will lay the foundations for another community event in the summer at a time when we are able to gather together again.

Until then, Kingsholm really does rock!

Julie Stephenson, Gloucester

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