5 Lockdown Half Term Activity Ideas

So it’s half term and it’s lockdown! How are you parents doing? I’ve done some ferreting around on the Internet and talking to my friends in the hope some of these ideas will help someone!

1. Making walks attractive

A friend of mine says when she asks her children if they want to go for a walk, they say no, but if they’re asked if they want to go geocaching, she can them walking miles.

Another idea I found is to go on a photography walk.

There’s a great article here outlining why play is the key to exercise.

2. Indoor games

When the weather is awful you could go back to your own childhood and try some out on your children. Some may work by partnering with othere households on zoom.

Remember the knife and fork chocolate game? Charades? Pin the tail on the donkey? Here’s a resource from ‘Family Links’ of free and cheap games to play at home.

3. Burning energy in the house

Follow Finn @Finnsfitfor15 The Seven year-old trying to inspire others to stay active. Started in lockdown.

Learning some dance moves… this one includes a wheelchair user.

4. Connecting through making

Children are missing their friends like crazy. Off screen ideas for helping them connect could be baking their friend something, making a card/drawing or pompoms or a kindness rock.

5. Linking Local

There are many fantastic organisations and community initiatives in Gloucestershire eager to help where possible.

NB: Allsorts is specifically for families with children with additional needs., You need to join but this can be fast tracked.

Still stuck? There’s even more ideas in this article from the Guardian Paper.

Have fun!

Ceri Longville, Gloucester

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