Meet Ceri

Hello there!

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I live in Gloucester. I enjoy sunny weather and describe myself as Solar Powered!

My background is in Information Technology, I particularly enjoy the creative side. I maintain this website, social media aswell as finding contributers and stories.

I’m a doting aunt to two nephews who are growing up far too quickly. I love animals and am owned by Cookie, my loving ginger rescue cat, We both enjoy relaxing on a Saturday morning watching cooking programmes with a big mug of tea (at least for me!)

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I also love new ideas. (I’m a bit of a TED talk addict!)

Locally, I enjoy river walks, being part of my church, hanging out in my community cafe, being part of a creative writing class and watching movies with friends… and chocolate. I’m also known for my love of laughing!

I love people and connecting with them and listening their stories and enjoy finding out what makes them shine. I guess that’s why I love Write Up Your Street, seeing the smaller stories get out there. It also helps me keep focused on the good stuff and beauty in life. I want to share any specks of light in the darkness that I find.

“Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.” Anon

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