Charlie and the Machine

Charlie Bruce has run everyday since March. His initial target was to complete 5 kilometres with 20lbs on his back every day for Pied Piper. He wanted to raise £5000 to buy toys for the children at the Glos Royal Hospital at Christmas but his support gained such momentum that even he was surprised as the totals increased. He is in the Royal Logistic Corps by day based in Portsmouth and travels back at the weekends to see his family in Gloucester.

Not only did he run the 5km every day, each time he hit a financial milestone he did a 20k or 35k run. When he hit £6k he ran a marathon and on his return was met by a friend, John Freeman from Freeman Event Partners who handed him a £1000 cheque and he promptly ran another marathon the following day! He ran 1635 kilometres taking 154 hours & 14 minutes in total!
That weekend, he did a 24 hour fitness session at his training gym in Quedgeley, Glevum Crossfit Gym where they also collected new toys for the children at the Children’s Centre.
Julie Kent, vice chairman of the Pied Piper Appeal said “I remember talking to him at the beginning when we were in the first lockdown and he said he wanted to set himself a personal challenge to raise money for sick children and as it played out and I met him I could not believe what a machine
he is! Focused, determined but very humble with it. We are so grateful for this amazing total in these tricky times.”
On New Years Eve he did his final 5k and is rightly chuffed to have raised over £12k as it stands at the moment. The money is going to convert two normal rooms at the Children’s Centre into high dependency rooms for children with mental health issues which is a growing concern at the

Apparently he is already planning his challenge for this year, once again for Pied Piper.

Julie Kent MBE, Gloucester

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