Olli’s story on kindness

I was in town and I was trying to get up a little side street to get to the shops and this little elderly lady was hunched over, walking across the road very carefully. She took her time and I thought I’d better move out of her way.

Then she saw me standing, waiting to cross myself and she said, “Oh, let me help you!” and she grabbed my arm and helped me across the road quite eagerly and then said, “There you go!” and walked back across the road herself.

It made me laugh, it was just hilarious and I thought, what a lovely thing to do! When I first saw her I did think, “Are you ok, can I give you a hand?” but I didn’t say anything in case she was offended. Then, all of a sudden, she’s giving me help because she can see I’ve got a white cane and I’m stood there waiting to cross. But I was only waiting so that I didn’t get in her way!

Postscript: Sadly Olli died suddenly 05/09/2020. We continue to treasure and be inspired by the positive and motivational contributions he made to this site. He was much loved by the team.

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