Ceri writes an inclusion statement

I was really keen to take up the challenge of writing an inclusion statement for Write Up your Street but at the  same time felt daunted, wondering how I cover everything.
I found a resource published by a fantastic local charity Active Impact Gloucestershire really helpful.  Advising to focus on the intended audience  and to address them in a supportive way.
We are quite a diverse group so I considered what areas we already remove barriers in, such as communication preference, accessibility and our varying paces.
I then asked the rest of the team for feedback and have now published it on our website where it can be altered at any time. https://writeupyourstreet.org/index.php/inclusion-statement/
It did take some thoughtful reflection to produce but was not as difficult as I anticipated. It feels good to have something on our website that echos the way we as a team work hard and creatively to be welcoming.           

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