Mark’s Story

So, where did it all begin for me? What am I doing here and why I became a life coach? It all began during my previous career. I had completed 28 years’ service with the RAF, and I experienced challenges that eventually changed my life. 

Over time, these experiences affected me and began to grind me down. My career was my identity, a position of authority with a huge amount of responsibilities, with it came overwhelming expectations. I found things difficult at work whether to speak to people, and to perform as a professional. It was not only at work I struggled with, but the people who I love and live with. During 2016, I experienced a life changing event, which resulted in being hospitalised. Then came a time where the decision was made for me to be medically retired from Service. This was a big blow for me because I wanted to continue, and it was deemed necessary for my wellbeing that the decision was made for me to leave. This change was very challenging, I found it very difficult to cope with the lack of peer support. I lost contact with several people, I felt dejected, worthless, depressed, lonely, the whole world is at fault. It took me quite a while to realise that to be in this state of mind, I was not only holding myself back but also those who are close to me. 

Having realised that I had to take control of myself and the environment I was in, I needed to make drastic changes by stepping outside my comfort zone and deal with my insecurities, my health demons, my future and to improve relationships of my family, friends and more importantly with myself.

Whilst hospitalised, I learned so much about myself. I listened to other people’s stories of the lives they were living. These people who shared very personal stories with me, gave me hope. I learned about mindfulness, meditation, compassion, acceptance of others and importantly the acceptance of myself and who I am. It took me a long time to understand that there are things that I cannot control, is not worth worrying over. I needed to learn to focus on what’s in my control, based on my values and what’s important to me – who I really am and my ‘Why’.

This is when I decided to take my passion further to become a life coach. I enrolled with The Coaching Academy in 2017 and successfully qualified as Life Coach in February 2020. During this coaching journey, it was not just about becoming a coach, but it was a journey of self-discovery and an opportunity to reinvent myself to become a better person. This journey has kept me focused, grounded and most of all have improved myself to overcome the negative state I was once in. I now have a very positive outlook in life, improved relationships, friendships and a real desire to help those who experience life changes.

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