Help with dog walking

If you are self isolating and have a dog, you maybe needing help with walking it.

If you are on Facebook, it is worth checking out the Covid19 support group and posting a request there. Alternatively you can put a request in Gloucestershire County Councils community help hub.

PAWS: Pets and Well-being Support

If you are able to offer dog walking there is an opportunity to register this here too.

There are also pet care organisations too:

Alison Samways writes:

I am letting you know about our social enterprise, PAWS:Pets and Well-being Support

We care deeply about pet owners just as much as the pets in our care. Which is why over the last few months, we’ve been working towards launching a social enterprise that will bring much needed support to animal lovers in need in the Cheltenham area. I am very happy to announce that PAWS is now a registered Community Interest Company.

Pittville Pets are working with Reigning Happy Cats and Dogs on this new venture.

The enterprise will bring subsidised pet related services like dog walking, pet sitting, pet grooming and more to people with disabilities, chronic health conditions and mental health issues. Because we know how much a little support can go a long way.

During the coronavirus crisis, we are all learning what it is like to have limited access to the outside world. Community members are very generously volunteering to help out with dog walking, shopping or a friendly phone call. But for many people, these challenges aren’t new, and won’t go away when others go back to work.

Pets provide companionship, as well as giving a sense of purpose and routine. A dog walker or other pet professional can make it possible for people to take better care of their pets, as well as themselves, and be a regular friendly visitor. Whether you need specialist advice; regular walks or occasional help on bad days; help with getting pet supplies; or help cleaning up after your pet: we can help!

We are always looking for more dog walkers, groomers, trainers and pet sitters to join us, even if you aren’t open during lock down.

We are also currently looking for ways to support pet owners in affording a healthy diet for their pets, so please get in touch if you are struggling to afford pet food; or if you are a local pet food company, pet shop or vets, and are interested in working with us to support your customers.

You can also help us by filling out our survey on Pets and Wellbeing or contributing to our GoFundMe account.

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