Cirencester Community Response Covid19

Oliver Stevenson interviews Rob Duggan

Cirencester Community Response (CCR) is a community response group for local residents that recognised the need to come together to provide a safeguarded and coordinated response to provide some support for those who might need it during the Covid19 crisis.

Those involved recognised that there were some people who would need help with getting prescriptions, shopping etc. Rob Duggan started by going to the Deputy Mayor, spoke to town and district councils and then the idea was formed.

Rob Duggan

The structure of CCR comprises of all 8 wards of Cirencester. There are 2 volunteer coordinators for each ward, most of whom are town councillors. They have a sub team of local volunteers who they manage.
This enables CCR to cover roughly 8000 homes, approximately 30,000 people across the 8 wards of Cirencester.

Current Facebook page membership is 1600+, with a total of 168 volunteers signed up. There is a team of approx 20 people managing the core of the group

There are roughly 200 people mobilised, helping people in Cirencester
CCR try and work alongside local groups like support groups such as Stratton Covid19 Neighbourhood Network, Chesterton Covid19 Neighbourhood Network, Beeches Cirencester Covid19 Neighbourhood Network and Siddington Corona Virus support.

To start with, people wanted help accessing food and services

Now more emergency requests are being made, like people in lockdown needing furniture. People requiring help managing their social distancing needs.

shopping bags

They direct people with shopping needs to the church where they can pay them and get food delivered.

In the future they’re not going to be just getting shopping and prescriptions. They will be helping with other kinds of community stuff.

They will signpost people on to The Churn Project and Signpost for long term support.

CCR has shown a strength and depth of feeling across the community. They want to see links continue to live on in the future but really it’s the community that will make this happen.

Rob is a realist and hopes that life will go back to some sort of normality so only time will tell. They’ll have to wait and see.

Report by Oliver Stevenson

Postscript: Sadly Olli died suddenly 05/09/2020. We continue to treasure and be inspired by the positive and motivational contributions he made to this site. He was much loved by the team.

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