Covid19 – Silver Linings?

Phoebe writes

As someone who has lived with chronic illness most of my life, I can see a lot of silver linings from Covid19.

For once the whole world is shutting down, not just me alone. I’m hoping that from this there’ll come more understanding, more things in place, because for some of us this is how we live, not leaving the house, not leaving our room.

And because we aren’t seen and the world goes on, we can be forgotten, left to ourselves.
With my pre-existing conditions I’ve realised I’m probably at a higher risk, I doubt death being any more likely from this than the common flu.
Despite this, lockdowns are more concerning to me than the actual virus, I am used to staying home, mostly in my room, getting on with what I can, for me the thought of possibly being unable to access my medication could be very detrimental, but this has been a concern over the years for several reasons, including our exit from the European Union, and climate change.
Like with all things, what happens happens, so I’ll hold on to hope for things to work out, because they have to, life will work in the end.
So this isn’t being seen as good by most people, but there’s so much good that could come out of this.
So personally I will be watching for how people connect, and how the world develops.
Here’s to future understanding and preparation for a better future.

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