Do the exercise you love!

I caught up with Michael Baker from Dursley. He described to me that he had some very fond memories of his days at Dean Hall school.

“I got on with all the tutors and the headmaster. There was Mrs walker, Mr Taylor, Mrs Goodworth, Mr Bower, Mr Marston and also there was nurse, her name was Mrs Hughes. Our headmaster was  Mr Bladon, Mr Taylor was our woodwork, metalwork tutor, Mrs walker was our math and English tutor. Mr Marston was our reading, writing tutor. Mrs Goodworth was our French, German tutor.”

“After a  few years had passed, my old school mate Richard Thomas. We got on our bikes to cycle to Dean Hall school reunion. I was able to see my old tutors and headmaster, clinical nurse again, which it was nice, a very enjoyable day at Speech House, Forest of Dean. I recalled happy days of my life and memories of Dean Hall school.

However Mike, made it clear how much hated PE in school:

“When we had Games, I pulled out of swimming Olympics against other school because I couldn’t swim! I had to sit on the side of the swimming pool to watching the other children doing the swimming Olympics against other schools.”

“We had to do cross country running through the forest tracks, myself and two other boys we found out to where the shortcuts were in the forest tracks, we used to walk the shortcuts, “

So when I asked him if he’d found an activity he liked as an adult, his response was clear:

“Going on walks with my partner, Sally.”.

The word ‘exercise’ can bring back unwelcome memories of school sports if we didn’t enjoy it.

It’s so important to find and do a physical  activity we enjoy.

You may find inspiration from these organisations within Gloucestershire.

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Mike Baker, Dursley 
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