5 Tips for Lockdown

This has to be the worst of the three lockdowns so far for many reasons. The mornings and the evenings are dark and we are missing the lovely sunlight we had in the first lockdown.

It’s colder which makes people more miserable,  we are not moving around as much and we don’t know how long it will be.

This new strain is more infectious and more people are getting it so lets have 5 things to do to help us get through it.

  1. Do some sort of exercise. Whether it is a short walk outside if you can or some sort of exercise in your chair if mobility is difficult and for those fit eager beavers…Get on to You tube and do a solid work out! Or Yoga, Zumba or Pilates. You can find everything on You Tube!
  2. Ever tried meditation? Nor me! But a friend has said it has helped her when she has begun to feel low. Concentrate on your beath in and out. You don’t have to sit in a funny position! Just sit or stand where you are and concentrate on your breath in and out for 5 minutes or however long feels right. Don’t do it before you go to bed. Apparently it can energise you!
  3. Do something arty!! Now, it doesn’t have to be too difficult! We are not all arty so I have started colouring! I am loving it! I got some cheap colouring books and crayons from the Works as Lockdown approached and I find it very therapeutic! You will have to order it all from Amazon now…if you do please use Amazon Smile and register with a charity so that they get a percentage of your spending! Can I urge you to choose one of our fantastic local charities in Gloucestershire!!!
  4. Check on a Friend! If you are feeling down, one of the most useful things you can do to make yourself feel better is to check on someone else and make them feel better. An act of kindness will make you feel better, make them feel better and Joy is twofold.
  5. Sort those cupboards out!! You know there are piles of things or boxes of stuff that you haven’t gone through for a long time. You put it off but now is the time. Go through it…if you haven’t used it for the last year or so …do you need it? Clearing out will make you feel better so I hope you have a garage to put it in until the charity shops are ready to take it!

Happy Lockdown Everyone!

Julie Kent MBE


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