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I have to confess; in the past I’ve relied on Amazon for Christmas shopping. However, the seeing the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on small businesses and people’s lifestyles has made me rethink things. I still don’t feel at ease shopping in my high street, but I have found other ways of shopping online that is more supportive to smaller independent businesses.

Almost half of small business owners say that if everyone in their local community just spent £5 extra per week with small businesses it would help to keep them open in the long term, according to The Independent.


I have discovered a site called Hive, is a website operated by Gardners to support hundreds of independent high street retailers. It sells Books, DVDs, Blu-ray, music CDs, eBooks and memorabilia. The associated network of retailers also receive a financial share of every sale made on both the site and its third party partners. showcases each independent retailer on its site with the ability for you to search and select retailers to send their share to. It’s a win win site with free delivery.

When it comes to gifts like  jewellery, posters and mugs or blankets I’ve swerved to handmade businesses online via sites such as EtsyNot On The High Street. They are also good at personalising things for you. I’ve really enjoyed looking through the many unique gifts.

I’ve also Googled some of my favourite small shops to see if you can order online,  Treasure Seekers Gift Shop in Gloucester, is a great local shop to support. It is part of BAFTS: the UK Fairtrade network, and has recently launched an online shop! The online shop helps fund the work they do empowering disadvantaged people to become the best versions of themselves and offering training opportunities to Gift Shop volunteers! They sell lots of quirky stuff like clocks made from pencils swell as beautiful hand carved wooden animals, brought to you from artisans around the world.


 Buying vouchers from local businesses is another great option for Christmas gifts. I found this website dedicated to Gloucestershire.

If you have a good Google around, you’ll find many more ideas to shop small and local. Enjoy discovering.

Shopping at local businesses pumps money into the local economy, and by spending money in their local shop, restaurant, café or pub, shoppers can do their bit to aid our national recovery across the country.

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