Bringing WIFI with a dance!

The world cafe has been running in Gloucester for 6 years. What started as a small gathering around a table in a home became a bi -monthly gathering of roughly 100 people from 20 nations as a community of people supporting each other through their settling into the uk and into Gloucester.

This month we teamed up with GARAS (Gloucestershire action for refugees and asylum seekers)as we heard about 34 families who needed internet provision.

Many may see this as an additional extra but when you’re waiting for your asylum Status and you receive £35 per week to provide for your family, getting online is an Essential commodity in today’s climate. So we wanted to do a fundraiser and neither Rita Rimkiene (founder of world cafe) or steph Rollinson (leader of the language cafe)  enjoy running so instead we decided to dance a marathon and call it a dancathon.

To date we’ve raised £1232 but the intention is to raise £6000 to provide 34 families with internet for a year.

If you can and would like to donate something. You can either go to Or directly to GARAS (Gloucestershire action for asylum seekers and refugees) 

Oh and get dancing too!! We love seeing other videos. We’ve danced up hills, had Palestinian and Spanish dancing, dancing with wigs, dancing with dogs, you name it we’ve danced it!! Digital poverty is something that we can easily help to combat if we all dance together. 


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