What Gives You A Lift?

Our FestivALL event 2019

We wanted to hold an event where people say what makes them feel good, the date coincidentally fell on National ‘talk in an elevator day’. So we came to agree on ‘What Gives You a Lift?’ for a title to our event.

We did consider holding this in a public area where we could ask people in an actual lift!. We ended up holding the event in Cheltenham, Montipellier Gardens, basing ourselves at the cafe Coffee #1 who kindly provided us with a booked meeting space, they also very nicely turned off the music when asked if the volume could go down, for those of us who are hard of hearing and have sensory processing differences.

We were hoping to talk to members of the public passing through and also venturing out in a smaller groups for a walk around the park engaging with those braving the rain since it was quite a drizzly day.

We’ve captured some of the day in the video below:

It was one of the first events Write Up Your Street had tried and seemed a good start for building confidence. In the park we met squirrels on mini adventures, children enjoying puddles, and dogs running around playing.

Some answers I got from the question: ‘what gives you a lift?’ were: hope, skies, compliments, sunshine, music, tea, singing, birdsongs, evening sunlight, helping, the sea, animals, someone smiling, chocolate, understanding, seeing friends, Pokémon, something different, water (river, ocean, rain, pools, lakes), food, kindness, involvement, inclusion, acceptance, ice cream, melon, cereal, reggae music, special food. 

Here are some more response collected by the rest of the team:


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