Pheobe reports on a local event on climate emergency

West Dean Parish Council

Climate Emergency Support Group

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On the 20th of November 2019 I attended the first meeting held at Yorkley Community Centre, for an evening of talks, film clips, theatre pieces, discussions and ideas. Attending were residents of the West Dean Parish, and others like myself from the surrounding areas.

I personally was interested to see what was being done here and how similar things could be established elsewhere, this also seemed to be the view of other people in attendance including a member from the town council from my area, who are in the process of setting up local establishments with similar aims. It was encouraging to see so many people fill up the space and engaging with this.

Organisations at this event not already mentioned included Stop Ecocide (, a Sustainable Building Advisor, Village Veg, also mentioned were The Rewild Project (, and Severn Wye Energy Agency ( For more on these look on their websites.

There is so much I could go on to say about all that happened, but more of these type of things should be happening and will be happening eventually. We have a crisis, a crisis humans caused for the planet, there are many numbers I could quote, but we can’t change what happened, though we can change what we do now, going forward.

Destruction has happened, we can stop now, we have to stop, we will. The planet is louder than ever trying to tell us to do something, the world is drowning, the world is on fire, our world is hurt. We need to look after it now before it’s too late, which it could be sooner than we thought. We need all of us to do the best we can, support is what’s needed, connection. We are getting started, it can only get better from here. But this needs all of us. See what is happening in your local area.


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