Hope amidst the devastation regarding our planet … Phoebe blogs

This is something that just poured out of me at 3am I know this isn’t 100% sunshine and rainbows but it’s really hitting me recently I am filled with hope I didn’t have before the future is now looking so good I had to write something about it I understand this may not be appropriate for write up your street and this is completely unedited I just wanted to share this with you all I haven’t gone through it since being half asleep so I hope this makes sense:

My hope is rising

Yes we were dying 

Killing without noticing 

There is light now 

Showing up the shadows 

We will escape the dark

We had barely been here in a blink of an eye there was an infestation of us unconcerned by any destruction that we were causing. I didn’t dwell because it felt inevitable anyway, our self-made demise. There had been whispers and murmurs, quiet talk of ignored unknown. Research began, the numbers piled up, the consequences of our thoughtless selfish actions. Even if it was a small minority who started this, we went along with it too, who were we to know? Toxic ugly practice from the beginning profit over people and the planet. We need to know how to be responsible, held accountable. There is a lot I could go into, many others have done before, but in my understanding, we didn’t understand, we didn’t think of how wrong we could go, within barely a blink of an eye, and the almost incomprehensible explosion and living in the last 100 years or so, I could break this down but we were hurtling towards the next extinction on this planet, needing ourselves to wipe ourselves out, it seemed like the only cure to this plague. Since the beginning of the 2000s this seemed to become a more suggested ‘change’ rather than serious concern, then rapidly becoming mainstream, maybe due to our technology increasing our global reach and connection, the last few years the subject is everywhere, we all know. Now instead of all this existential content and information of devastation, I’m seeing glimpses, I’m seeing change, I’m seeing a chance, I’m seeing hope, hope because things are actually being done, we are starting to do things about this. We thought we had longer before than we actually do now, the deadline seemed too soon and the aims too late.
I now think we can do this, we will be coming together, we are coming together, we are going to save what we’ve almost destroyed. This is happening. I am grateful to those who saw sooner than now what’s needed to be done. I am glad we are turning things around. This is what will bring us together. This affects everyone and everything. The enemy’s our past, our ally is our present, our focus is the future. Which can only be incredible when we succeed. We are amidst a revolution, a revival. This needs all of us, this needs you, so join in, the world needs everyone. By Phoebe Coleman-Wood I am a member of the recently established Gloucestershire Youth Climate Panel, please reach out so we can work together for the good of our county. Collaboration and Coordination is crucial. Feel free to share this and get involved. Follow Write Up Your Street: