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Mike Baker

Reporter for Dursley

I collect stamps and I’m a very good photographer.

Cyril Bunt


Phoebe Coleman-Wood

Reporter for Lydney

The youngest member of the team, Phoebe is an animal lover with a particular fondness for cows and goats.

Katie Elliott

Friend (former facilitator)

I love doing all sorts of things – playing music, writing, dreaming up new ideas, playing sport badly – but none of them as much as talking with people and listening to their stories. Which means that collecting interviews for the podcast is – indeed – right up my street!

Sharron Hudson

Reporter for Lydney

Sally Hayward

Reporter for Dursley (with alter ego, Donald Duck)

Donald Duck lives in Disneyland and is too far away to do reporting from.  I do my reporting from Cam and Dursley and that is closer to home. I have got webbed feet as well. For my hobbies I enjoy writing poetry and stories.  I also enjoy entertaining people as Donald Duck, meeting people and talking.  (Donald always has his say.)

Ceri Longville

Reporter for Central Gloucester and creative director

I’m owned by a ginger cat with a huge personality and aunty to two gorgeous nephews. I love doing anything creative on the computer, from writing to making animations. One of my favourite ways of relaxing is having a PJ Saturday morning watching all the cookery programmes with a large mug of tea.


Brendon O’Donnell


Oliver Stevenson

Reporter for Cirencester

I’m fluent in French and Spanish and love words, playing words games and Linguistics. I have a visual impairment and am a member of the Cirencester Blind Darts Team!

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