Sharron on inclusion

My sister. she never ever lets me forget what I want to do. She’s seen me when I’m really down in the pits, but she doesn’t allow me to stay there because she says there’s more to life than that, which is right. There’s more to life than being miserable.

There’s happiness that you can enjoy and great things that you can do. You can stay there for five minutes, but you must move on. Then you must do something that is meaningful. Talk to somebody, see somebody but do something that’s of a positive note and that’s gonna turn it around. And most of the time she is right – because you know you have to do something, although at the time you don’t feel like it. But if you do something that’s positive, you forget about the problems you have. And so she’s the one that says, “You’ve got your dream, do something about it. The time that you’re spending feeling miserable – put it into something that’s useful.”

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